Strategic Plan

Cornerstone is a place where hope grows. With our support, women, children and youth find safety, compassion, and have the opportunity to rebuild their strength and resilience. We inspire connection and transform lives.

As a leader on the issue of gender-based violence in Northumberland County, we take proactive steps to educate and engage the community in deep and meaningful conversations that drive change. Cornerstone has a shared investment in the issue within the community, and we partner with others for a stronger collective impact.

We will continue to bring innovation and best practice to our work to ensure leading-edge approaches. We will grow and deepen our services to provide a brighter future free from violence.

In the coming three years, we are committed to the following three strategic priorities:

  1. Deliver and coordinate programs and services that address gender-based violence
  2. Inform, engage and inspire change for a safer community
  3. Strengthen the organization through a culture of engagement and excellence
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