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Share Your Story

Your Voice Matters – Speak Out Against Violence Against Women

Why Share Your Story?

You Light a Path for Others to Follow. There’s someone out there just like you. There is a person out there who likely has a similar story or a similar life situation. They may be a few months or a year or so behind you in their own journey – and they feel alone. They are frightened by the unknown. They fear what’s next. They may have limited family support. They may feel like a pawn being moved along the board having no control over their own life.

Sharing your story – and your own insights and lessons learned will inspire. It lights a pathway – sometimes to a way out; but always to hope.

How it works

Stories provided through My Voice Matters could be featured in various ways, including:

  • Essays
  • Articles
  • Social media posts
  • Direct mail appeals
  • On the cornerstone website
  • Video communications

The medium for which the story will be shared is at the discretion of the story sharer; we will work with you to ensure you are comfortable, safe and empowered.

Once you have decided to share your story please let us know. We can help you get your thoughts together, or you can send your prepared thoughts to Carly Cunningham at or call 905-372-1545. Alternatively you can fill out a form below by clicking on the photo that applies to you.

I’d like to share my story…

In that instant I knew I could leave, and I would. And I did.

Cornerstone’s My Voice Matters: A Story Sharing Project is generously funded through The Department of Justice Canada as part of Victims and Survivors of Crime Week

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