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Share Your Home

Whether you own or rent your home, if you have a spare bedroom, you can be a HomeProvider. Our screening process focuses on your safety and security. We work to find the most compatible match possible based on your interests, needs, and lifestyle. There are no age or income restrictions to be eligible for the program.


To Participate in the Program


  • Have no criminal record history or pending charges of crimes against
    person or property
  • Have three references who can recommend you for the program and
    speak to your lifestyle and character. It is beneficial for those looking for housing to have a positive landlord reference as well;
  • No substance or alcohol misuse


  • Must be located within Northumberland County
  • Have a private bedroom
  •  Is safe and sanitary
  •  A HomeShare host offers a private bedroom and shared common
    space in exchange for an accommodation cost, help around the home, or a combination of
    the two

If you’re ready to share your home, the first step is to apply for our program, so we can find you a compatible housemate. You can apply by clicking the button below, or you can contact the HomeShare Worker here or by calling 905-372-1545.


What is the process?

Our process includes a simple application, background and reference checks, and interview.   When we have potential homesharer that might be a fit we will contact you.  If we have someone you are interested in meeting and they want to meet you, we arrange an introduction.  You might have no introductions or you could have several depending on what you are offering and what you are looking for.   A two week trial period lets you try it out without making a commitment. A written agreement outlines the expectations and HomeShare stays in touch with you for the duration of the agreement.

How long does the process take?

The application/intake process for the program takes at minimum 3-4 weeks. Once completed the matching phase begins. Finding just the right homesharer takes time. This is a process that cannot be rushed, nor is it guaranteed we will find a match for everyone.

Will HomeShare affect my personal finances?

The accommodation costs of HomeSharing may impact your income and tax reporting. It is important to discuss how this arrangement will affect your household finances with your tax advisor or accountant. 

If you have additional questions, please contact the HomeShare Worker and she will help connect you with someone who can answer these questions for you.

Who is shared living for?

If you enjoy being around like-minded people you will likely enjoy shared living. 

Shared living is a great housing option for people both young and old. Many seniors have adopted shared living, as have families, empty-nesters, young adults, and students. Ideal candidates are those who are willing to share their home, cooperate with others, enjoy conversation, and sharing of meals

What is an “accommodation cost?”

HomeSharing is different than a landlord-tenant or room-and-board type of housing situation. It emphasizes two people mutually helping one another and the co-living relationship. The accommodation cost is in place of rent and ranges from $250-$400 per month on average.

What is “shared household responsibilities?”

In exchange for affordable accommodation costs, most HomeShare arrangements include some agreed-upon shared responsibilities. For example, the HomeSharer may agree to help with gardening, shoveling snow, sharing meals, running errands, etc. Every HomeShare agreement is different and the HomeShare Worker will assist you to determine a good balance and compromise that meets the needs of both people.

Interested in HomeShare?

Contact our HomeShare Worker to learn more, or apply. Call 905-372-1545, send her an email here, or complete the contact form below. 

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