As an organization, we feel it is important to make a commitment to preventing future family violence by engaging our youth and helping them to develop the skills needed to build strong, healthy relationships.

Stand Up Stay Strong

Administered in partnership with Cobourg Police Service Stand Up, Stay Strong is a self-defence program for high school students, which includes discussion and information about healthy/unhealthy relationships, and domestic and sexual/dating violence. There is a large focus on safety planning and how to minimize or mitigate risk, and female-identifying students will also be taught basic self-defence strategies with the opportunity to practice these skills with trained police professionals.

Healthy Relationships

A classroom presentation series that aims to provide information, teach good communication and increase student knowledge about healthy and unhealthy relationships. This program is offered to grades 7 and above, but can be adapted for younger audiences.

Youth Violence Prevention Program

The Youth Violence Prevention program has 5 streams. The My World stream is a single session presentation, whereas the other 4 streams are 8 sessions long, and sessions are typically 100 minutes but can be shortened to 50 minutes to address individual classroom needs. The sessions happen weekly for eight weeks and are done within the classroom environment.

My World

A single session classroom presentation that aims to provide information & increase student knowledge about healthy and unhealthy relationships.

Grade 5 – Stereotype Busters

The Stereotype Busters program addresses the various messages youth receive through media. It teaches students problem solving skills, empathy, assertiveness, how to deal with bullies, respect and how to accept differences in others, while examining messages from media and how these messages can impact relationships

Grade 6 – Inspire

Inspire teaches students how to deal with difficult situations with empathy (at home or at school), respect, and how to accept and appreciate differences in each other. This program will bring awareness to the many situations that have changed the world due to people responding with empathy.

Grade 7 – POWER

POWER teaches students problem solving skills, empathy, assertiveness, anger management, and how to accept differences in others through exploration of personal values, stereotypes, and prejudice and discrimination.

Grade 8 – I am

I am was designed to increase self-esteem and to help students understand the many contributing factors in our society that can raise or decrease one’s self-esteem. It also engages students in exploring what healthy relationships look like and how to accept and appreciate differences in themselves and others.

All of these programs were created by Family Transition Place in Orangeville, Ontario. Any school personnel interested in having us present these programs in your classrooms, please call our Community Services number.

Violence Prevention Framework

Cornerstone is committed to preventing violence, and applying a prevention lens to all of our programming. Our violence prevention framework is the underlying system that is used as a guide and applied within all of our programming. The framework also has outcomes which highlight the anticipated results we can see when the framework is applied.

Check out our Violence Prevention Framework

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