Housing Services

Cornerstone recognizes housing can be a barrier for women escaping violence. We also know housing and homelessness is an issue local families deal with. At Cornerstone we want to ensure everyone has a safe, affordable place to live so we work with women and families to secure and maintain housing.

Residential Housing Program

The Residential Housing Program helps women currently living in Cornerstone’s shelter find and successfully maintaining appropriate housing while identifying and eliminating barriers to successful re-housing. This program is people-centered, outcome-focused and reflects a Housing-First approach to prevent, reduce and address homelessness. The program also facilitates the development of seamless support services to connect individuals and families to community resources to obtain and retain affordable housing that is linked to supports appropriate to their needs.

Community Housing Resource Program

Available to women and families in the community, the Community Housing Resource Program supports women and families experiencing homelessness, or who are at risk of becoming homeless. The program is designed to support women and families to find safe accommodations other than emergency shelter, or to maintain their current housing by exploring alternate safe shelter options, searching for housing, attending apartment viewings, mitigating conflict between landlords and tenants, and connecting with other agencies within Northumberland County.


For more information on this program please call 905-372-1545 or email info@cornerstonenorthumberland.ca

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