Community Services

At Cornerstone support goes beyond shelter. We help to empower women to thrive through community programming.  Women, children and youth have the opportunity to access transformative programs that teach coping strategies (provide solution-focused counselling), safety planning, risk management, child witness programming, or provide access to family court support.

Cornerstone lives true to our values and is committed to ensuring our services are accessible for everyone. Please talk to us about any extra supports you may need.

Counselling Services

Individual Counselling is available for women in the community who are seeking support. Women will meet with an Intake Counsellor to complete a risk assessment, safety planning, and support with referrals to other Cornerstone programs, and community resources if needed. Women will then be connected to a Counsellor who can support them in creating a service plan to address their needs and goals. Counsellors meet with clients in person in Cobourg and at 3 satellite locations throughout the County to increase accessibility and reduce barriers to service.  Appointments can also be held via phone or video conference.

To connect with a counsellor please call 905-372-1545 or email

Case Management Services

Case management services and support is available to women who have complex needs related to trauma and abuse, substance use, mental health, housing, and homelessness and/or human trafficking.  The program provides women with risk assessments, safety planning, referrals to community resources, and housing supports. This program also provides ongoing support after discharge from the residential shelter program.

To connect with our Case Manager please call 905-372-1545 or email

Group Counselling

Clients who have received individual counselling may benefit from group counselling also. Group Counselling connects individuals with similar experiences and has them participate in counselling with one another and 1-2 designated counsellors. This approach helps create connections amongst participants and can be a great benefit to those who feel isolated.

To learn more about Group Counselling please call 905-372-1545 or email

Workshops & Group Programs

Cornerstone offers a number of workshops and groups:  

Let’s Talk: Let’s Talk is a concurrent group program designed to support mothers and children aged 4-18 to provide early interventions to children to begin to heal from the effects of witnessing family violence and mothers/female caregivers to receive information and support as they learn about the impact of family violence on children.

To learn more about our workshops and groups please call 905-372-1545 or email

Family Court Support

The Family Court Support program provides service to either women or men who are the victims of family violence.  The service is available to those who are involved in the family court process, as well as those who are considering it.  The program provides emotional support, accompaniment to family court and lawyers’ appointments, information about the family court process, help with understanding and filling out court documents, referrals, and safety planning.

To receive Family Court Support please please call 905-372-1545 or email

Partner Assault Response (PAR) Program

In Partnership with Northumberland Hills Hospital Community Mental Health Services, Cornerstone offers the partner contact portion of the Partner Assault Response (PAR) program. The PAR program is a Domestic Violence Court initiative that aims to deliver specialized community based group programming to individuals who have been mandated by the courts to attend the PAR program in response to a criminal charge involving domestic violence. Cornerstone provides the contact service to victims/partners of those who have been charged to offer services, safety planning and referrals to community resources. 

You are not alone. There are many other women and families just like you who have received support from Cornerstone, or services like ours. These are their stories:

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