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A place where hope grows…

We help women understand their options, and build on positive changes, so hope can take root and grow.

We remain open and committed to helping end family violence.

 If you, or someone, you know is need of support call the 24-hour support line 905-372-0746, or connect with us between 6pm and 6am online at
or via text 289-210-4774

Cornerstone might be right for you if

How Cornerstone helps families

“I’m so thankful for the support given to me and my family all these 8 months. And after I find a job I would like to help here because what you do for woman is wonderful.”

“These services have been a valuable resource in helping me get through a difficult process and situation….could not imagine doing it without all of the incredible help I received/am still receiving!”

“I think the shelter is a wonderful place for women to come when they are in a bad situation. This is the first time I have ever been in a shelter. I would have sought help sooner if I knew how helpful a place like this would be.”

“I remember the friends that I met, the beach days, playing outside and zoo days. I liked everything!”

Girl, 8 years old

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Take a tour of our shelter. Stay with us and begin a new life that helps you thrive, in a safe space with a supportive community. Come feel at home at Cornerstone.

Help women and families in need

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There are lots of ways you can donate to and support  Cornerstone. Find out how.

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